Hello. I'm Zach, a Software Developer and Student studying Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley. My current areas of interest and experience are in Mobile and Web Development, as well as UI/UX Design.


  • Broker

    Developed web project in HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript with a team of 4 at the CalHacks 4.0 Hackathon at UC Berkeley. Crawls multiple news sources and extracts positive and negative data from stock articles to analyze market with a custom point system and graphs. (Link)

  • Text Editor

    Developed text editor in Java with cursor, word wrapping, newline, backspace, open and save, arrow key navigation, mouse input, window and text resizing, vertical scrolling, undo and redo, and text selection.

  • Picoyune Android App

    Developed prototype Android application in Java as primary interface to control mercury sensor remotely and provide live onscreen updates via Bluetooth.

  • Washing Machine Concept Design

    Conceptualized and designed modular washing machine using the Human-Centered Design process. Conducted user research and created presentation with visual mockups using Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. (Link)

  • BearMaps

    Used QuadTree data structure to create a Java based maps application for rendering, rastering, and routing (Implementing A* algorithm for routing optimization) within the Berkeley area.

  • Digital Fridge

    Developed iOS application in Swift that enables a user to keep track of expiring items in their refrigerator in a detailed list view. Uses Firebase to sync data and images between user accounts. (Link)